The Officers (you can browse excerpts from the book here)

  • Sgt. Gary Nelson

    “It was one of those days when things were just weird. I was on loan to the FBI and we had this area that was infested with bank robbers. We were having one to five a day. One day, we were pursuing a bank robber who also had stolen a car.”

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  • Lt. Sean O’Donnell

    “I’ve actually known since I was nine years old that I wanted to be a police officer. My father was a police officer in New York a long time ago. When we were very young kids, I heard these stories about how he rode a horse. I think that was a big part of it.”

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  • Sgt. Sean Whitcomb

    “The danger is so undefined. You know that on any given day, someone, and you don’t know who they are, man or a woman, young or old, what they’ll be wearing, what they’ll look like – might try to kill you.”

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  • Detective Michelle Barker

    “Regardless of who did it, the issue for me was she was one of my victims. Even though she didn’t cooperate….She was my victim. That was my case. I knew her. I talked to her. I liked her. Now she’s been murdered. I broke down.”

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  • Officer Leigh Fiedler

    “I like to catch the bad guys, everyone does. But I like interacting with people. I work down in Pioneer Square and the International District. The homeless population is 90% of the people I deal with. I really like working with them.

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  • Officer Kevin McDaniel

    Officer Kevin McDaniel

    “We run toward shots fired when the normal person would run away. We do the total opposite of what a normal person would do. I think that this job is a calling for most of us. Not everyone can do this job. We are in the business of helping people.”

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