The Officers (you can browse excerpts from the book here)

  • Officer Jonathan Young

    “I get a real satisfaction out of arresting drunk drivers because in my career…I am going to impact someone’s life in a positive manner somehow. I’m going to save a life. There are some people alive today because of what I and other officers have done in terms of DUI arrests.”

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  • Officer Butch Cason

    “Some calls stand out because they were particularly sad, like this one little gal we picked up. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. It turned out she had been raped. She was 12 or 13 years old.”

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  • Acting Sgt. Ron Martin

    “I had this little binder and I’d see someone walking down the street and now with the computer I didn’t have to run it over radio, so I’d just run their name and find, oh, they have a warrant. I’d get another officer and go scoop them up. This generated one of my nicknames, which was Bogeyman.”

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  • Detective Alan Cruise

    “There was a case that was extraordinarily brutal. This victim was a lifelong mentally ill kid that was on the street wandering around, definitely in crisis. Two suspects beat him to death over a several-hour period. Slowly.”

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  • Detective Miko Santiago

    Detective Miko Santiago

    “For some reason or another, the gangsters view us totally differently from patrol and from police, actually. When I’m doing interviews at a shooting and it’s a gang member, he’ll say, “You know the police tried to ask me questions, but I told ……”

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  • Sgt. Francklyn Jackson

    Sgt. Francklyn Jackson

    “Other calls stuck with me for a while. This guy and his wife worked at a pizza restaurant across from the Seattle Center. The guy he owed money to came into the restaurant and shot him. I had to take the wife home…..”

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